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SharePoint becoming business-critical solution

by | Sep 23, 2010

A new study from 360 Global found Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the most sought after ECM solutions due to its versatility.Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the most frequently used and important solutions for user companies, according to a survey conducted by Global 360. The poll was taken to gain a better understanding of the market for SharePoint use and the depth with which companies using the ECM solution are able to leverage it.

As SharePoint 2010, which Microsoft released in May, becomes more frequently adopted, SharePoint could reach adoption rates of 98 percent in some industries. However, 80 percent of all SharePoint deployments currently consist of SharePoint 2007, with only 8 percent of respondents reporting the use of SharePoint 2010.

Companies using SharePoint frequently rely on the solution in nearly every aspect of their daily business operations. Twenty-seven percent of companies report half of their documents are stored in SharePoint, while more than 50 percent of respondents report using it for either document workflow management or other general operations.

Another study conducted by the Association for Image and Information Management reported 22 percent of companies using SharePoint require every employee to interact with the solution in their daily tasks.