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Share what you find…Utilizing Text Extraction for micro-blogging

by | Feb 11, 2009

ECM users have a unique claim on the Web 2.0 age. By utilizing the text extraction feature available within many document imaging SDK toolkits and image capture systems, they can control and share “up-to-minute” information and add a dynamic extension to traditional content management aggregation.

Micro-blogging (contrary to blogging) is a web service that allows users to post short messages (typically 140 characters) to their subscription network. These quick bursts of information can then be viewed on any browser, and recreational micro-blogging services like Twitter have become mainstream. This new form of publishing content has found its way to corporate communications services as well. With the surge of corporate executives blogging and in-turn, utilizing blog content as a way of information gathering, the faster information (or news) is disseminated, the better. In this economy, good news goes a long way, and you’ll want to get your news out as quickly as possible.

So how does this translate to the ECM space? The key is beginning where and when images are ingested. At the capture stage of the document lifecycle, content can converted into “searchable full text”. This function can be integrated directly, as an automated step within the application. As part of the conversion process, one must ensure that text and formatting data are also maintained (and in good quality). This is vital for an optimal text extraction application.

Once the images are in an electronic form, the content is available to use. Even with content committed to storage; near line or offline, it can be retrieved, utilized and shared. In a virtual smarter world, controlling and sharing information, adds a Web 2.0 advantage to traditional content management use.