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RasterMaster – the Right Imaging Tool (kit) for the job

by | Sep 13, 2011

Organizations use Snowbound’s Imaging SDK for Competitive Advantage

One of the things I’m tasked with (okay the main thing) is getting the word out about Snowbound’s solutions such as our document imaging toolkit, RasterMaster. A great way to approach this is to have your clients do the talking for you through customer success stories, a great marketing communications tool.

But what if your clients don’t want you broadcasting that they’re using your imaging SDK to improve a process since they don’t want their competitors finding out – and using it too? This is certainly a compliment to a firm’s technology, but hampers efforts to get the word out about that technology at the same time. In fact, built into many of our client contracts is a clause that we can’t divulge that the customer is using our imaging toolkit, or any other offerings, or how they’ve implemented these applications and to what advantage.

This is why you see many companies such as ours create generic marketing pieces – expounding upon all the great things they’ve done for their customers without actually naming the client company by name. We too indulge in this practice – especially when it comes to stories about our document imaging SDK as these are generally the integrations that speak about the intricacies of a client’s processes as the imaging toolkit is frequently used to integrate document imaging and viewing as well as batch conversion into existing enterprise applications. But we do have some clients who can speak to putting our imaging SDK to productive business use, such as:

ARAG Automates & Streamlines Insurance Claims Processes

After reviewing imaging solution options to automate their forms-driven processes, ARAG, an international leader in legal insurance with more than 3,700 employees in Europe and the US, selected Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster Java Imaging SDK. ARAG used RasterMaster to display documents, generate document thumbnails, switch between pages in multi-page TIFF documents, extract metadata, divide / merge multiple documents, and many other vital processing capabilities to automate and streamline their insurance claim processing.

“In the evaluation process, Snowbound’s RasterMaster Java SDK solution stood out,” says Frank Gronenborn, IT Architect, ARAG. “Even now, Snowbound’s RasterMaster technology still is one of the best-performing solutions I have seen through 10 years in this business.” READ MORE

RasterMaster .NET Imaging SDK Breathes New Life into Hospital’s Records System for Arkansas’ Jefferson Regional Medical Center

When someone is admitted to the hospital, their patient information is entered into the hospital information system (HIS) system during registration. The HIS makes it easy for hospital staff to access details on any previous visits, including scanned and imported images, as it’s critical to have the ability to search and view available patient information quickly.

“I began researching image viewers, when I found Snowbound Software I knew I had come to the right place. I chose their RasterMaster™ .NET SDK, which is specifically designed for Visual Basic .NET. This solution gave me all of the image tools I needed to pull up, view, split, and modify images in a multitude of formats,” explained Chief Information Officer, Patrick Neece. READ MORE

United States Postal Service Uses RasterMaster to Comply With Federal Anti-money Laundering/Anti-terrorist Regulations

The USPS leveraged Snowbound’s flagship RasterMaster Java SDK document imaging toolkit to develop a comprehensive and robust document image conversion program that converts multiple file formats for the roughly one million money orders it processes every day. The files received are now automatically converted then loaded into the digital mail stream where they are sorted, analyzed, processed, and archived.  In addition to the conversion program, RasterMaster was also used to create a custom Applet for viewing.  The Applet enables the analysts to perform various crucial functions including rotation, zoom in and out, and inverting when analyzing the digital files for legitimacy.


“Due to the high number of images we handle every day, it was crucial that the software we chose could handle a wide variety of file formats and provide the essential features and functions we required.  Snowbound’s RasterMaster Java imaging toolkit addressed our immediate challenges and is built in such a way that we can write additional programs to accommodate future requirements. I was also amazed at how easy the toolkit was to implement.  When we moved from testing to implementation, the process was painless, our development team had no issues, and the end result was a seamless and successful integration.” – Alben Gillum, Subject Matter Expert, United States Postal Service READ MORE

Snowbound Software

Hundreds of organizations around the globe have employed RasterMaster Imaging SDK to fulfill their document and imaging processing needs. We are proud to call firms including Allstate Insurance, Bank of America, IBM and McKesson and many government agencies such as the USPS, our customers. We are even more prideful that we are able to assist these organizations in getting on with the business of doing business.

We’re Snowbound Software – how can we help you?