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Proven Technology versus Early Adoption of the ‘Next Big Thing’…

by | Nov 28, 2011

Solutions for your Document Management and Workflow Systems – Choose Wisely

When you’re looking at solutions for mission-critical enterprise systems for your company – such as the document viewing and image conversion technology used to better leverage workflow processes that Snowbound provides – choose wisely. We’ve been successfully developing and distributing document and image viewing technology for over fifteen years. Our track record is strong and our depth of experience in this business is unparalleled. And we don’t try to get tricky with our offerings by adding unproven technology built on a shaky foundation.

Case in point of what not to do; we have a vendor we use at Snowbound Software for our online meetings (name withheld to protect the guilty) that has been frequently trying to implement new functionality into their online services. The user interface is poor, the user experience (especially lately) worse and the audio quality leaves lots to be desired. (Ever tried to hold a meeting in a tunnel with a train roaring by? Apparently we have…). We’ve had to find alternative ways to hold our last three online meetings due to these deficiencies. So, I contacted customer service, explaining all this via email. They replied that I needed to call them to explain further. I do, and am put on hold interminably while they tell me about all the new features in their service and how to upgrade – so they want more money for new things when I’m calling about the older ones that are not working properly…hmmm…

While on hold, I started thinking about some of the well-known yet not well-received product launch errors in the marketplace over the years. Early adopters of products such as Ford’s Edsel, New Coke (sorry Bill Cosby), Betamax VCR/tape technology and the DeLorean (thank you ‘Back to the Future’ and Michael J. Fox) have had to deal with egg on their face and the brutal razzing of their contemporaries. And while these weren’t necessarily bad products, as a marketer, I’m glad I wasn’t responsible for their failure to launch!

I’m happy to say (or write) that we’re not even remotely associated with any of the above. Do we have a perfect track record? No, who does, but we’ve had far more successes than failures over the past decade and a half. Many of our early competitors have gone by the wayside or been acquired by other firms. And many obscure formats that were introduced to handle one file type or another have also gone the way of the dodo. But we’re still here, dedicated to offering our customers’ technology to help with their workflow processes, and in turn to more efficiently and effectively run their organization – so they can focus on their core business.

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