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Polo’s with Logos – Branding, Branding everywhere…so how about some Snowmen?

by | May 15, 2012

Or, maybe time for Snowbound Software shirts with document viewing & image conversion trademarks?

Ah, remember the days of casual Fridays? The one day of the week where we all ‘dressed down’ in the office – substituting ‘office attire’ for the laid-back look? These days, it’s hard to tell what day of the week it is based upon the way people dress for work – it’s always casual now. (And sometimes too much so – are we working or going to the beach?)

‘Dressing up’ now means a decent polo shirt (with ubiquitous insignia – a pony or some other ‘critter’ on the chest) and khakis – with minimal wrinkles for upper-crust occasions. (And I won’t even get into cargo pants – and just what is in those oft-bulging pockets anyway – boat anchors?) Maybe Snowbound Software should market a line of golf shirts to accompany our document conversion applications and toolkits – could have a little snowman on them! (What’s that snowman doing on your shirt? Why, nothing I hope…)

Advertising and branding campaigns have become a barrage for the senses in our increasingly digital society. (Speaking of digital, just recently, I snagged an interesting email tagline from a friend that states, “*No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced*”) In terms of budget, television advertising still rules for major corporations, but for most companies, trade shows are the highest percentage of their marketing budgets, and email campaigns still have the edge for prospecting and lead generation activities (B to B, March, 2012).

So I’m advocating a return of the sandwich board or roadside handheld sign styles of advertising for companies for a number of reasons – it breaks through the digital clutter, is a very cost-effective medium, opens up your offerings to a wide (but certainly not targeted) audience segment, and it gives today’s youth a ready-made avenue of employment opportunities – which it seems they desperately need according to recent articles in the media.

And for our firm Snowbound Software, – we can have an army of life-size snowmen (and snowwomen) patrolling the trade show circuit, highways and byways – getting the word out about offerings for streamlined claims and forms processing, web document viewing and image conversion solutions. Who knows – might work better than a tiny pony on your chest?

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