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Peace of Mind – isn’t that what we’re all offering?

by | Apr 11, 2012

Since in the end – that’s why we buy…

I did a quick Google search for the phrase ‘peace of mind’ as I was thinking about a topic for this column. Seems like many of us (if not most or all) are looking for this as the search results featured a wide variety of offerings, interests and solutions including:

  • Music – with links to a band, a song and an album all named ‘Peace of Mind’
  • The Peace of Mind Foundation
  • A Wikipedia definition – ‘a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace’
  • Several diverse businesses named ‘Peace of Mind’ for dog rescue, jewelry and a nursery (offering plants not child services in this case)

This got me to thinking about the motivation behind our purchases – the wants and the needs. Personally, a high percentage of purchases can be justified as ‘wants’ rather than needs, since we can make many of these buys based upon our own desires and budget, without corporate justification or oversight. (Do you really need that new iPhone upgrade? No, but I want it.)

A great majority of our business purchases however, are to help our company by meeting a requirement and/or addressing an issue – hence needs-based acquisition. But what are the factors that lead us to a certain company or product? Well, I’ll submit once again that in the end, it is peace of mind…

Enter Marketing – coupled with a healthy dose of Integrity…

Becoming aware of the existence of a solution to help us meet our needs is half the battle for all of us. Companies focus a lot of effort on successfully branding and getting the word out on their offerings, to garnish recognition and generate goodwill and trust in us, the consumers. This is an ongoing process – and one that hopefully leads to peace of mind as well – confident that we’ve made the right choice. And once this relationship is established, maintaining and nurturing the integrity that is the foundation becomes paramount.

In our own business, our offerings of document viewing and image conversion applications, toolkits and the support and services for these products are important – but what makes us who we are is your perception (as the customer) of how we help you through universal document access and viewing, batch conversion and streamlined claims processing. And the sense of satisfaction you get when you implement our technology to these ends…

…in other words – your peace of mind.

We’re Snowbound Software – how can we help you?