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Not just the Sizzle – gotta have the Steak…

by | Oct 27, 2011

In business as in sports – both sides of the coin must balance

As a marketer, my team and I try to get the attention of our target audience (for document viewing and image conversion applications and SDKs) to evoke a response – to generate a call or email, attend a Webinar, download a product demo – well, you get the idea. And if our efforts lead to people thinking that it’s only been a flashy campaign without any substance behind it, we may never get their attention again, kind of like the  story of the ‘boy who cried wolf’. Like a great many things in life, it’s all about balance…

For example, now that the baseball playoffs, as well as the football season are upon us, I’m reminded that the truly great teams (in any sport for that matter) are balanced. The World Series SF Giants of last year for example, had a phenomenal pitching staff, but they also got it done with a lightning-in-a-bottle bunch of hitters who all hit their strides at the right time. In the NFL, Payton Manning (whose career may be over due to injury) who has consistently been one of the best quarterbacks in recent years has only one Super Bowl ring. Why? The Colts high-flying offense wasn’t matched on the other side of the ball by a strong defense that could shut down the other team – again, a balance issue.

In our marketplace, we believe we have the best technology to help companies tactically with document viewing and image conversion, while strategically offering our customers a better way to process claims and forms, view documents remotely via the web, and batch convert large volumes of files into a universally readable format. Again balancing what we develop with what it does for people – the old features versus benefits positioning.

In this technical and digital information age of 15-minute fame – it often seems that flash gets precedence over substance. Our document viewing and image conversion technology has evolved over the past fifteen years to become a solid foundation in the document processing and web viewing solutions of companies around the globe. We leverage the latest technology has to offer and apply it to help organizations better handle their data and address the needs of their businesses. Balance Indeed!