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.NET Imaging SDK – for the perfect fit, use a developer toolkit

by | Feb 13, 2012

Enterprise-wide document and image viewing using a .NET imaging SDK

Document and image file access, viewing and processing is crucial to the lifeblood of an organization, and for many firms an IT catch-22 as well. The challenges to be addressed are the need to make information easily accessible across the enterprise, while at the same time keeping sensitive data secure. The solution many IT departments leverage for this is a document viewing and image conversion software development toolkit, such as a .NET imaging SDK.

Document and image viewing and conversion toolkits like Java and .NET imaging SDKs are used by software developers to easily build-in customized functionality to create a tailored solution that directly meets the needs of the organization. Firms in a variety of industries around the world including healthcare, insurance and the legal and financial services markets utilize document viewing and conversion technology to keep mission-critical information flowing – improving productivity and customer service.

.NET Imaging SDK – Features, Functions & the latest Technology

A wide variety of features and functions are built into .NET imaging SDKs today, giving developers the toolsets they need to efficiently and effectively create a streamlined system for the productive and secure use, flow and archiving of information. A state-of-the-art SDK offering though, will not only feature the ability to create a solution today, but will remain viable tomorrow – keeping abreast of ongoing technological changes – and incorporating these into future releases.

Case in point, to take full advantage of the latest processor and OS technology, an SDK should offer true 64-bit compatibility, to access more memory and larger files for quicker searches and data retrieval. Applications developed using 64-bit technology have dramatically improved performance as the amount of data that can be processed is doubled, giving programmers more computing power to utilize, and thereby expand the capabilities of their creations.

Aside from harnessing the latest computing technology, a viable .NET imaging SDK (or Java SDK for that matter) should include the libraries, formats and features needed to easily build imaging functions including viewing, conversion, manipulation and annotation for virtually any document and image format. Realizing productivity gains, unprecedented workflow, and much-improved customer service are some of the real-world benefits derived by developing and implementing an enterprise-wide document and image viewing and conversion system.