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Needed a Solution Yesterday? Start a Proof-of-Concept Today

by | Mar 2, 2016

How many times when speaking with a prospective client about timeframes have you heard, “Yesterday!” or “ASAP!”? And how many times have you wanted to reply back, “So, why didn’t you call me, oh…six months ago”? Although frustrating, many times this sense of urgency isn’t exactly what it seems. For example, the client may be an IT or purchasing resource tasked with only obtaining a price quote.

There are exceptions of course. For example, a project manager or a Line-of-Business Manager (i.e., the buyer) may be facing real pain and working under a true time crunch if a production project or “go live” date is being held-up without a solution in place. And in some rare cases, the clients might actually have a budget that they are required to spend!

Regardless, in this dance someone must take the lead. As a solutions provider, this is my role. Most often, what I suggest is a “fast start” Proof-of-Concept (POC). The fast start POC is designed for customers who need to rapidly deploy a solution to showcase value across the enterprise or validate a business use case.

Fast Start Proof-of-Concept Benefits:

  • Provide the business users access to the system to ensure it meets their needs
  • Allow both IT and Line-of-Business to quickly gain experience with the solution
  • LOB helps build the solution because they helped build it
  • Result in a high-value subset of the future-state solution that can be deployed into a customer’s environment, as opposed to being thrown away
  • The knowledge transfer starts the enablement of your internal project team


If you find yourself in need of a document viewing solution quickly, send us an e-mail at and we’ll get a proof-of-concept started today.


Bill Martin is a Sr. Business Development Manager at Snowbound. While at Snowbound, Bill has grown business by creating the SnowCAP program and selling into major accounts. Bill also named our VirtualViewer product. Bill has been working in the ECM technology field for 21 years and his past roles include Vice President of Sales at companies such as HCL, Neocol, and Integritie.