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Looking Forward and Thinking Backward with Fondness

by | Dec 13, 2011

We thank our Clients and Colleagues as we Maintain a Positive Posture through Trying Times

Did you ever notice how frequently people look to the future with trepidation and uncertainty (the ole fear of the unknown) but often think back to the distant past with such fond memories? The recent past is quite another story especially since it’s been a tough few years economically and politically, but these things are cyclical (as we all know) – and for every bust there’s a boom around the corner.

The other evening I was enjoying after dinner libations with my father and brother – and the conversation turned to technology industries (they both have degrees in engineering) and the stock market (my dad’s a financial planner) – and lo and behold the conversation was heatedly negative – thoroughly distracting me from enjoying my scotch and cigar! In the middle of the diatribe I interjected everything will turn around and be fine – I truly believe that. People, by and large, learn the hard way – with very few exceptions – and the economic course that we have taken over the past couple of decades will be corrected.

Already we’re seeing signs of market recovery, unemployment is dropping, the housing market is stabilizing and tourism is back on the upswing in many areas around the world. Economic growth accelerates as consumers gain confidence in the economy and start spending again, or just start spending anyway, as we did in Q3 of this year despite shaky confidence.* Two very bright spots were a major gain in business investment to an annualized 17.4% and a decrease in unemployment benefits claims to their lowest number since 2008.** So hold on everyone – it will all work out in the end – really!

We’ve been fortunate here at Snowbound Software to maintain our ongoing steady growth through the recent overall market and global economic stagnation. We owe it all to our great customers and the best employees who leverage the latest technology to keep our products and services ahead of the pack every day. Thank You!

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