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Keeping Your Business on Course…

by | May 1, 2012

The Golf Course that is…

Golf is one of those games that have been frequently described as a mobile meeting while walking through a park. Executives often invite clients, partners and other business associates to partake in this pastime as a way to commence or continue negotiations, or as a ‘thank you’ once these are successfully concluded.

This got me to thinking that maybe we at Snowbound Software should begin an incentive-laden tournament with our customers, prospects and partners – perhaps the Snowbound Open or the Snowbound Masters – with an inventive pricing structure. For instance, rather than offering volume or site licensing discounts for our document viewing and image conversion products and services, one could set their own discount based upon their score card. The better you play – the less you pay!

The once soaring popularity and growth of golf has been tempered a bit in the past few years by the recession – as, let’s face it – greens fees and golfing apparel and equipment aren’t inexpensive. A recent article in the paper stated that the industry is trying to attract new players by attempting to position the sport to relate to a broader audience– updating the stodgy rigid image – and attract new blood. High technology equipment that make the game easier to play and relaxed dress codes allowed at some courses, while more engaging to the younger set, are not being nearly as well received by traditionalists of the game.

Paraphrasing John Updike, ‘golf is a good walk spoiled.’ In my own game, I always get my money’s worth, using the entire course when I play. It seems I also tend to do a lot of gardening during my drives, leaving divots in which one could grow a row of tomato plants. My favorite part of the game is the final hole. No, not the 18th – the 19th – the bar where I inevitably end up buying the martinis after the day’s frustrations are concluded. Oh well, at least I get to wear some ‘loud’ clothing and saddle shoes for a while…