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Keep it Lean – in Life and Business – for better Health & Peace of Mind

by | Nov 21, 2011

I just read a report from Columbia University that states that by 2030 half the population in the United States is expected to be obese. The findings also state that obesity is fast replacing tobacco as the single most preventable cause of chronic non-communicable diseases in this country. Pretty scary stuff – and it got me thinking about the importance of keeping things ‘lean and mean’ – in your life as well as business.

One of the ways to accomplish this in business in general and healthcare organizations in particular, is to use universal document viewing technology to streamline secure access to document and image files throughout the enterprise. This technology provides professionals with the information they need no matter their file format through instant document viewing and image conversion functionality – without needing the application in which the file was authored.

In the case of medical records management and access – Snowbound’s viewing technology helps doctors and hospitals more quickly review patient medical records in order to provide better medical care.  Use of electronic records also lets them safely archive patient data rather than having old records turn yellow or get lost.  Plus, these solutions make it easier for multiple practitioners to get involved via connected networks, if necessary, so that an eye doctor’s diagnosis for example, can be accessed by a GP or even ER personnel, if there’s ever an accident. Lower medical costs are also realized by reducing duplicate tests or doctor exams, making records available much more quickly, cutting down on waiting room time and repeated visits.

Our technology is used for insurance claims processing by the large providers as well – allowing them to be more efficient, reduce costs and provide input into medical research regarding health problem issues and potential trends all while protecting patient privacy.  For instance, in order to see trends and perhaps better understand why people are getting more obese – is it correlated to the number of McDonalds, the amount of fat in supermarket prepared foods, global warming, more cars on the road?

Getting back to the healthcare article that prompted this line of thinking, according to the World Health Organization, the US has the worst health of any industrialized nation – ranking 37 out of 37. So what can and should we do personally to become ‘lean and mean’ with our own health regimens’? Well, we’ve heard it all before, but need to practice what is preached. Proper diet and daily exercise are key factors, and aren’t that tough if we eat sensibly, cut out snacking on junk food, and walk for at least a half hour per day. Another important element to good mental and physical health is a good night’s sleep of between 7-9 hours, as well as productively engaging your mind. So turn off the screens (computer, TV, etc.) and read a book, do a puzzle (crossword or jigsaw) and have an actual conversation with someone versus one on screen!

Be well!