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It’s Spring Training again – and in Business as Baseball – time to tune up and get in shape

by | Apr 10, 2012

Streamlined business processes keep you in the game

Athletes spend the off-season working with trainers to get in shape. In a lot of businesses, you don’t get an off-season, no downtime to get ‘in shape’. You have to ‘workout your workflow’ on the fly. It can be like trying to change a tire on a car while it’s still in motion – but you’ve got to keep your business running smoothly including the underlying processes such as the ECM or CRM software that enable customer transactions. Without them, customer service and claims processing can become a nightmare.

All the Way with a Viewing & Conversion SDK – Business Benefits

So how do you tune up and streamline your business processes? One of the most beneficial ways is to incorporate or update document viewing and conversion into your existing enterprise systems with a document imaging software development toolkit (SDK). A viewing and conversion SDK can help a business in a variety of ways:

  • Leverage existing systems & extend investment – SDKs provide your software developers the ability to create a tailored solution – for the best integration with other systems, and the ability to build in customized functionality that may more directly meet the needs of your enterprise.
  • Update your systems to harness the latest 64-bit technology – A growing need for client applications to have access to more than 4 gigabytes of memory for optimum performance can’t be supported by any 32-bit OS, hence the growing momentum towards 64-bit OS (Windows 7) and software.
  • Realize faster, easier forms processing – enjoy unprecedented workflow, productivity and customer service benefits from developing and implementing unique document and image viewing and conversion products.  Explore further HERE
  • Browser-based web viewers don’t require client-side software installation for on-the-go ease-of-use, fewer support issues for IT departments and true cross-platform support

Organizations around the world have employed document imaging SDKs for Windows or Java/Unix to fulfill their document viewing and imaging conversion needs – to help streamline their business processing, and enhance workflow and productivity. We here at Snowbound are happy that we are able to assist these organizations in getting on with the business of doing business.

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