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It’s Snowbound, Not Snowboards…

by | Aug 19, 2010

It’s amazing the things people assume your company creates when the name of your firm is ‘Snowbound Software’. The moniker was chosen during heavy snowfall in the winter of 1996, and it was also thought that the unique name and alliteration of the words would stand out in peoples’ minds. Seems to be working too…but sometimes in unintended ways…

Over the years, we’ve heard of many things people thought of when they heard our company name, with mostly winter themes of course – and yes, these include snowboards. One online definition for ‘snowbound’ is ‘confined or shut in by heavy snow’, and some Mondays feel that way around here – even in August! (Maybe especially in August – when we’re mentally snowbound – stuck inside while it’s nice outside.)

Aside from selecting a company’s name, people seem to focus on trying to come up with just the right tagline for their firm. When I worked at an ad agency a few years ago, clients would leap upon the tagline as the end-all be-all for their company’s positioning – before we had even begun to talk about what the business actually provided to any depth!

A few years ago, we came up with the tagline ‘Accelerating the Document Revolution’ which has worked pretty well for us as our products are high-speed document viewing and conversion applications and toolkits. (We briefly thought about “Just Do It’ and “Have It Your Way’, but those phrases were taken.)

So what is in a name? Well if you Google ‘Snowbound’, our company is the first listing (hooray for us – good search engine optimization), but the first-page results also feature:

  • A poem by John Greenleaf Whittier
  • A sappy TV movie starring Neil Patrick Harris (aka ‘Doogie Howser”)
  • The Wikipedia listing featuring a number of ‘Snowbound’ titles in music, literature, film and television
  • A kennel featuring Bernese Mountain Dogs in Wisconsin
  • And last, but certainly not least, a bookstore in Michigan – where one is almost assured of becoming ‘snowbound’ each winter

So we came up with ‘Snowbound Software’ and our tagline; ‘Accelerating the Document Revolution’ to distinguish our firm from others. Based on the online search results mentioned above, and the comments we get from others – it seems we’ve made the right choices for our firm.

And no, we still don’t sell snowboards – maybe we’ll have a raffle for one at our next trade show

Scott Pasho

MarCom Manager

Snowbound Software