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Image Conversion Software Streamlines File Viewing and Archiving

by | Apr 15, 2011

What is image conversion software and why would you use it? Well, have you ever tried to open a document on your PC and couldn’t due to either not having the application the file was authored in, or maybe an older version of an application that won’t open a file created by a newer software version? Using image conversion software, these scenarios cease to exist as document and image files are automatically converted into user-specified universally readable formats such as TIFF, JPEG or others.

Image conversion software provides document or image file access & archiving functionality in a couple of ways – universal viewing applications have a built-in converter to process files in real-time for displaying on screen, and batch conversion software processes large batches of files into universally readable formats for archiving and later access. Both of these solutions ensure high speed, secure access to document and image files across a business enterprise from virtually anywhere via Web browser if so desired.

Utilizing image conversion software for the rapid batch processing of documents provides a wide variety of features and benefits to organizations to help streamline workflow and aid productivity:

  • Searchable PDF output may be created to facilitate content location
  • Advanced font mapping maintains file integrity and faithfulness to the original
  • Document annotation and redaction tools highlight revisions during review cycles

Image conversion software gives organizations in a wide variety of industries the document workflow functionality they need to process and distribute mission-critical information efficiently and accurately from multiple locations and across diverse file formats:

  • Healthcare Organizations use image conversion software to process a wide variety of facility and patient information including medical and financial records, insurance forms, physician’s orders and prescriptions and X-rays – enabling users to securely access and view medical information processed regardless of format and data repository.
  • Banking and Financial Services Institutions rely on image conversion software for fast and accurate document conversions that speed up the processing of loan applications, mortgage papers, checks and other financial documents.
  • The Insurance Industry has achieved expedited claims processing and enhanced customer service through the ability to handle any kind of claim form or customer correspondence.
  • Government Agencies use image conversion software for the quick and accurate processing of documents created electronically and those scanned into a document management system. Documents with diverse formats and origins are securely converted, archived and viewed – both for internal use and for viewing by the public on the Web.

Both universal document and image viewing applications and batch file conversion solutions, are a boon to organizations that need to process large amounts of documents, to keep their data-driven workflow running smoothly and efficiently.