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Have lots of Documents Inbound and Outbound? Think Snowbound…

by | Feb 7, 2012

Universal Document Viewers Can Help Streamline the Flow of Information – Inside and Outside the Office

We all have it – lots of information that comes our way electronically through email, IM, text and that we access on company servers; all of which we need to review, process and expedite. (And let’s not forget all the hard copy memos, reports, mail, newsletters and other paper-based documents that still come our way too –  which are frequently scanned to become part of the ever-growing e-document archive as well.) In the recent past, we have accessed and displayed this data via our desktop computers, but more and more frequently today via laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices as mobile technology has improved.

For me, being able to work remotely has been a godsend, enabling me to take my ‘office’ virtually anywhere. Online access to document viewers and conversion applications and company information provides the tools needed to create, post and distribute the product information our customers need. I’m not unique.  Today, most professionals in a wide variety of industries need access to documents such as forms, records and claims as well as the ability to collaborate with colleagues on these documents. The solution – document and image viewing and conversion applications that provide universal access to any file types.

Anytime, Anywhere File Access – to Streamline Processing and Keep Information Flowing

Mobile professionals frequently need to display and process contracts, forms and claims on-the-go in the course of transacting business and helping customers. Insurance claims reviewers in the field, for instance, need access to a variety of documentation to accurately and quickly process client claims, and frequently need to export this data to the office for further examination and transaction. Financial services and banking professionals also have need to process and expedite documents such as mortgage applications and other financial, forms both inside and outside the office, making use of universal document viewing applications critical to transacting business.

Perhaps the most obvious use for many of us as to where mobile technology can be of great advantage is in the healthcare industry. My family doctor walked into the examination room last year with a laptop instead of a manila file folder for the first time, accessing my medical records electronically. As mobile applications geared toward healthcare become more widely used, healthcare providers can easily access our complete medical histories, speed up diagnosis, and provide better, more proactive care.

Whether inside the office or in a remote location, secure access to information helps make everyone’s lives better through enhanced customer service, streamlined document processing and improved patient care. Universal document viewing technology helps makes all these transactions, and many more, possible – to keep data and business moving.

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