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Google just had a birthday – hey so did Snowbound!

by | Oct 18, 2011

Coincidence – I think not…and now we’re both teenagers…so a little wisdom to pass on…

One of the ways that companies continue to establish market presence is by the amount of time they’ve been in business. This is why you see so many businesses with the line ‘in business since’ followed by whatever year they were founded. As Google enters its precocious teen years we thought (being two years older) that we could offer some sage advice…

Now that you’re thirteen and through grade school and entering the high school years, time to prepare for new levels of interaction – namely preparing for first dates and ‘the big dance’! You’re not old enough yet to borrow the car, so the ‘rents still have to drive you and your date to social activities – which can be a drag. And watch out for the spiked punch as some kid always seems to smuggle in a little hooch. (Okay, it was me…). Mostly though – just try to enjoy the time as it comes and don’t wish it away – we all must pass through these rites of passage…

High school hazing can be fun (okay – maybe not so much if you’re on the receiving end) but you’re certain to get an education – whether you’re in the classroom or not. I remember we used to sell elevator passes to the freshmen – and we didn’t even have an elevator. (Hell, the school buildings on campus were only one story.) But fear not, you’ll adjust in no time, and you can look forward to the time when you can pass along what you’ve learned and embarrass the next class.

When it becomes time to apply for your learner’s permit, be sure to learn to drive in the less expensive of your parent’s cars – takes away a bit of the parental anxiety if you aren’t driving their Lexus while they’re trying to teach you how to dislodge a garbage can from the transaxle. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for errant pedestrians, dogs, mailboxes (which frequently seem to be more mobile than either dogs or pedestrians) and of course the police. And when you finally get your learner’s permit – be sure to use up and never replace your parent’s gasoline.

And so Google, we hope you’ve benefited from our experience and that these helpful hints will serve you in good stead. Happy Birthday – and here’s to many more – for us both!

Snowbound Software