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Document Launching Pad – for the iPad

by | Apr 18, 2012

Snowbound document imaging can be the Apple of Your Eye

Apple Computer has released an updated iPad featuring higher screen resolution and faster processing speed in an ongoing effort to continue to be the leader in the tablet market. There is a dizzying array of applications available for the iPad for almost any functionality. And when iPad users need universal document and image viewing and conversion solutions, they turn to Snowbound Software.

Snowbound’s AJAX VirtualViewer application enables universal image viewing for quick and easy access to just about any document or image file from any web browser, anywhere – and no client-side installation is required. On-the-go professionals can now reap the rewards of mobile computing coupled with mobile document imaging – for streamlined data access and enhanced workflow in the office or out in the field.

VirtualViewer’s AJAX technology automatically converts documents and images of various types for display in the browser – no matter what application was used to create the file. True cross-platform architecture ensures that all mainstream computer hardware is supported. Client-side updates and enhancements are made on the server and automatically activated for users upon server access. VirtualViewer was developed using standards based HTML to provide full image viewing, enhanced document management and processing functionality.

Full-featured document imaging and review capabilities include many additional document processing improvements that enhance and extend Apple iPad mobile viewing integration including: the ability to open multiple documents (Virtual documents) at the same time, select which documents are displayed by default when the viewer is opened, and allow the document thumbnail display panel to highlight either the pages from one document or the first page from multiple documents – to enhance workflow by preparing user-defined document sets that extract pages from multiple documents in advance to speed review. For example, a claims processor comes to work and document sets have been prepared for him so that he can quickly review only the necessary pages for each claim.

The new Apple iPad also supports dictation, an easy way to enter text via voice input. Rather than typing on the on-screen keyboard, users may now just tap the microphone icon on the keyboard, speak, and the new iPad listens. Tap ‘done’, and iPad converts spoken words into text. The dictation feature may be used to write messages, take notes, and search the web, and also works with third-party apps to update Facebook, tweet, or write Instagram (a free photo sharing application for social networking) captions. And now, with Snowbound’s image viewing capabilities, a wide range of document imaging features may be integrated as well.

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