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Digital Transformation isn’t Magic

by | Jan 9, 2017

bank blog photo
For banks, like many established institutions, transforming traditional manual document processes is never easy, but it is essential to navigate today’s competitive corporate landscape. As paper content becomes more digital, integrating Business Process Automation (BPM) workflow and dynamic case management software is a journey that will get you on the road to enhanced productivity.

According to AIIM International, streamlining manual, time consuming routine tasks with automation can result in dramatic reductions in processing costs on average of 50%. Likewise, knowledge worker productivity increases more than 45%. Empowering knowledge workers with more control over their content processes gives collaborative users the necessary tools to work fast, reduce errors, and successfully complete tasks.

I believe that the best subject matter experts are your own knowledge workers.

It’s no coincidence that most strong technology players in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) marketplace (IBM Case Manager, Dell EMC, Alfresco Activiti, Oracle Cloud, and Box Relay) have enhanced case management workflow applications that build on their core strengths. As banks enhance loan origination or mortgage processing workflows, it’s never too late to improve collaboration by adding an advanced web viewer with feature rich functionality to existing processes.

The Bottleneck

Some Enterprise Content Management applications include a simple, default document image viewer which may lack important feature functionality, resulting in bottlenecks that hinder productivity. I know many lending institutions where a stock viewer held up a production roll-out and the “go-live” date was pushed back, costing the organization valuable time, money and resources. As workflow applications continue to evolve by adding mobility and leveraging the cloud, the need for this critical part of transactional document processing is often overlooked when the system is initially configured.

Uncork The Bottle

So how do you get started? Start with a Proof-of-Concept (POC) to test multi-format image viewers that will meet your needs. First, research established vendors, offering a solution that will integrate easily into your UI of choice and content repository. Second, make sure the viewer is HTML5 or 100% web-based to avoid browser support issues and desktop downloads. Third, look for key functionality that enhances your client’s workflow. Some examples of functionality to incorporate into banking workflows include; page split & merge with drag-and-drop (thumbnails), secure pattern-based redaction (i.e., search and redact personally identifiable information (PPI), and collaboration tools such as advanced annotation, tagging, and bookmarking.


Bill Martin is a Sr. Business Development Manager at Snowbound. While at Snowbound, Bill has grown business by creating the SnowCAP program and selling into major accounts. Bill also named our VirtualViewer product. Bill has been working in the ECM technology field for 21 years and his past roles include Vice President of Sales at companies such as HCL, Neocol, and Integritie.

Connect with Bill on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@wmjosmartin).