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Dexter & Snowbound – Both Killer Applications

by | Oct 20, 2011

Viewing a Killer & a Killer Viewer

One of the most ingenious television shows in the past decade (and maybe ever) is Dexter – the serial killer of serial killers. This is a show that never ceases to amaze, drawing the viewer in through violence, poignancy and even comedy all the while making you feel empathy for a character who pathologically must kill others to assuage his ‘dark passenger’ and feel a measure of psychological balance albeit only temporarily. Dexter has been trained by his policeman father to only go after those who are ‘morally corrupt’ to both satisfy a moral code and keep him from being caught. Dexter daylights as a blood spatter analysis expert for the Miami-Dade Police Department – talk about the perfect position for a serial killer.

Why the parallel between Dexter and Snowbound? Dexter has come up against a variety of opponents  – none his equal. We here at Snowbound Software have come up against a variety of document viewers – none our equal. In fact, as I’ve recently expounded in a recent article, our competitors in the marketplace frequently follow our lead when it comes to product innovations and positioning. And our ‘Pure HTML’ VirtualViewer AJAX application is a universal web viewer using an ordinary browser, offering secure document or image viewing to virtually any file type from almost anywhere – a killer application indeed.

VirtualViewer AJAX offers the best method for mobile professionals as well – to access and display documents via a variety of portable devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. (A guy like Dexter could even keep tabs on his blood-spatter analysis documents while on-the-go to his next ‘appointment’.) Another thing in common between Dexter and VirtualViewer AJAX is the use of redaction – albeit very different kinds. But hey, he could use our data security document redaction tool to keep all kinds of things secret…

And while a guy like Dexter has a hard time maintaining relationships (but fakes it pretty well), our AJAX viewer is designed to promote colleague collaboration, document processing, and productivity through high-speed universal file access and at-your-fingertips annotation tools. An AJAX viewer offers instant file access due to behind-the-scenes document and image conversion – to display what you need when you need it. And it’s always good to be able to control what you display – just ask Dexter.