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Companies, like Wine, can Get Better with Age

by | May 8, 2012

As wine is to food, Snowbound Offerings Complement ECM Systems

After sixteen years, it’s nice to be able to say that Snowbound, like fine wine, keeps getting better with age. A fledgling start-up in 1996, the firm now is a well-established market leader in the field of document viewing and image conversion applications and toolkits. (Please excuse any viticultural or technological phraseology faux pas made by the author attempting to marry these two fine subjects together.)

Just as wine is meant to complement food, the company’s technology enhances electronic content management (ECM) storage systems in a wide variety of industries around the globe. Benefits to these firms include:

  • Secure Web viewing of virtually any document types from any browser-based device
  • Streamlined processing – collaborate, annotate & redact to help process forms & claims
  • Automated file conversion for user-specified document archiving and retrieval

A ‘full-bodied’ document viewing and conversion solution provides quick and secure access to virtually any document and image file – no matter the format. And this secure ‘accessibility’ is achieved without the authoring application (or even a dedicated viewer for that matter) being installed on users’ computers As a bonus, this ‘robust’ system also features fewer client support requirements, allowing IT departments to only focus on server-side installation and maintenance since a ‘well balanced’ web viewer (or even a client/server document viewer for that matter) will automatically upgrade client nodes as they access an upgraded server revision.

Snowbound document viewers include tools for annotation and redaction that provide the ‘structure’ vital for claims and forms reviewers involved with document processing such as insurance claims, medical records and financial forms. Annotation features including rubber stamps such as ‘APPROVED’, highlighting for important text, “sticky notes” with comments to other reviewers and watermarks like ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ enable users to better collaborate during document processing, without affecting the original document or other annotations.

Redaction capabilities provide the ability to secure sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit information and account numbers from those unauthorized to view these – preserving original content while ensuring compliance with corporate and government regulations and security standards.

In addition to the functionality that document viewers provide, batch image conversion technology has a host of built-in features, coupled with an ‘approachable’ (i.e. easy-to-use) interface that also delivers the capabilities needed to help streamline document and image viewing and conversion processes:

  • Automated image conversion enables the creation of searchable PDF output from any text based input
  • Documents and image files may be automatically highlighted and/or watermarked during the conversion process
  • User-specified document archives may be easily created via the file conversion process

And the ‘finish’ once a Snowbound solution is integrated with a firm’s ECM? ‘Lingering notes’ of satisfaction…! Salute!