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Casino Debates Becoming All the Rage in Several States

by | Mar 28, 2012

But You Shouldn’t Gamble on Software that helps run your Business

I spend the majority of my time mainly between two states – Florida and Massachusetts. Coincidentally, these are the two states that currently have major debates ongoing about increasing the presence of casino gambling – both in the legislature and the general public. The two sides are deeply divided with proponents arguing that outlawing gambling just sends tax dollars to another state, while the opponents’ position is that casinos are unacceptable socially – bringing corruption and immorality wherever they go.

What does this have to do with business software you may be asking? The topic got me thinking about how organizations have weathered the recent economic storm – and that the ones that still made great strides usually had the necessary systems in place to profitably run their businesses – and didn’t gamble on their success. Frequently these solutions included off-the-shelf document viewing and image conversion applications, or in the case of those firms looking to enhance existing enterprise applications; document viewing and conversion software development toolkits (SDKs).

What’s in it for me? (Or Show me your cards)

Most organizations rely on documents of some sort – forms, claims, records – that need to be processed as part of the ‘business of doing business’. We all encounter this everyday for example with medical records, insurance claims, financial statements and a variety of other documents that need to be processed. And in our dealings with these various firms, we trust that efficient and secure data handling processes are used – both for better and cost-effective customer service and to secure our information.

Businesses can help ensure secure streamlined forms processing through the use of document viewing and image conversion applications providing access to virtually any file format – no matter what application was used for its creation. Document viewers provide universal access to virtually any file via a web browser and behind-the-scenes high-speed conversion – so any document no matter the format (Word, PDF, Excel, JPEG and more) may be securely displayed – as only authorized users have access to files, and redaction tools protect sensitive data.

The use of this technology offers a bounty of benefits both for the business itself – and its customers:

Document Viewers in Industry – Real-world Scenarios

Document viewing applications give organizations in a wide variety of industries the access, display and document processing functionality they need to process and distribute mission-critical information efficiently and accurately from multiple locations and across diverse file formats:

  • Healthcare Organizations use viewing technology to display and process a wide variety of facility and patient information including medical and financial records, insurance forms, physician’s orders and prescriptions and X-rays.
  • Banking and Financial Services Institutions rely on document and image viewers for fast and accurate document conversion and viewing that speeds up the processing of loan applications, mortgage papers, checks and other financial documents because they end up in an easily accessible format.
  • The Insurance Industry has achieved expedited claims processing and enhanced customer service through the ability to handle any kind of claim form or customer correspondence. Insurers are also better equipped to meet compliance demands by maintaining document integrity throughout the viewer’s on-the-fly conversion process.
  • Government Agencies depend upon quick and accurate image viewing and conversion both for documents created electronically and those scanned into a document management system. Documents with diverse formats and origins are securely converted, archived and viewed – both for internal use and for viewing by the public on the Web.

No matter the volume or format of files, universal document viewing technology provides fast and accurate automated document viewing to enable secure access to a wide variety of information, provide mobile web viewing and streamline forms and claims processing.

So don’t bet your business processes on a roll of the dice.

And as for infrequent social gambler me – I’ll take Vegas.

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