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Bolt-on Technology: A Study in Symbiosis

by | Oct 27, 2010

I am basically obsessed with nature shows. Seriously, I even pay $8 extra a month in cable bills to get The National Geographic Channel. A couple of weeks back I was watching a show on the animals of the Serengeti and got drawn in by a segment of the show dedicated to the Water Buffalo and the birds that hang out on their backs. These two very different species have developed a symbiotic relationship that drastically improves both of their lives. The buffalo gets some relief from the thousands of insects that fly around it while the birds have a continuous food source, nature at its most cooperative.
Because I am obsessed with my job, this segment got me thinking of Snowbound’s products. The document viewing and conversion technology we provide is described as a “bolt-on technology”, a solution that sits on top of another, bigger solution, to improve some business process. I disagree with this assessment somewhat, I would prefer to think of our solutions as a symbiotic technology. Think about it. Our products interact with virtually every content management system or document repository and create a relationship with that system. We offer unique solutions like Page on Demand Technology and the ability to interact with dozens of file formats, while the repository offers our application access to the thousands of documents stored within it. The result is a very unique symbiotic relationship where both technologies are giving and gaining something. This symbiosis goes even further because it improves the business as a whole by reducing paper costs, boosting end-user efficiency, and increasing customer satisfaction.
In a world that is growing increasingly smaller and more connected by the day, it is the responsibility of organizations’ like Snowbound to create products that aid in this connectivity. The diversity of products and technology that exists in the content management industry is so vast; we will soon require a genus and species classification. Snowbound sees the need that these many products have. We see the need to produce agile, customizable solutions that don’t get bogged down by one language, environment or specification but rather sit quietly on the backs of great technology and give something back.