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8 Essential Requirements for Document & Imaging SDKs

by | Apr 19, 2011

Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) provide software developers the ability to create a tailored solution that goes beyond the features provided by off-the-shelf applications. For the best integration with other systems, and the ability to build in customized functionality that more directly meet the needs of the enterprise, here are eight essential requirements to consider:

  • Imaging Functionality – Everything from image creation, to compression (and decompression), plus the ability to save, display, and modify image files.
  • Document Management – Provide users the ability to convert documents to a range of formats, as well as perform critical document functions such as text extraction and search functionality.
  • File Manipulation – How effectively can the document and imaging SDK do things like divide and merge multiple documents, annotate files, and convert file formats for easy access on enterprise platforms.
  • Platform Support – Comprehensive code libraries that can be used on a variety of platforms such as Java, Windows, .NET, and UNIX.
  • File Support – The ability to support hundreds of file formats, including PDF, JPG, TIFF, and MS Office formats.
  • Application Enhancement – Ability to customize and integrate specific business functionality through the SDK. Examples might include image clean-up, and viewing application.
  • 64-bit Operating Systems – As more client applications require access to more than 4GB of memory, software development kits need to be compiled using 64-bit code.
  • Real-World Experience – Lastly, how does the SDK perform in the real world? How are organizations like yours leveraging the document and imaging SDK for their business needs?

Software Development Toolkits should provide software developers the ability to create a tailored solution to directly address the needs of the enterprise. For enterprises with complex content management or document processing requirements using an SDK to seamlessly integrate and leverage existing enterprise systems is critical. How does your document and imaging SDK stack up?

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